RD2RD.com will archive vendor products that have not sold for one year from the initial listing date. They will be moved to your vendor dashboard in draft form, thus allowing you to still have access to your content. The listing will not be visible to site visitors, however, nor will they be able to purchase your content until your listing has been refreshed and republished.  As a next step, please visit your vendor dashboard and view your product(s) that have not sold to date. Then explore the resources below to learn more about making improvements to your listing, images, content, title, etc. – and then make those improvements! You can do it! 

  • Create a Featured Product Image: Each and every product that you list on RD2RD.com should have its own attention-grabbing featured image. This link provides examples and instructions for how to take a bit of time to create your own. Yes, this can make or break your sale – it is the first thing your shoppers see!
  • Create a Product Description: Your product description should also stop your purchaser in his/her tracks and address how your product will benefit them. Why can’t they live without your product? Let them know! Visit this page for more tips.
  • Build a Better Product Listing Bootcamp: If you have yet to participate in my online, go-at-your-own-pace Bootcamp, I can’t recommend this resource enough! Vendors who take this course are wildly successful on RD2RD.com. Now it’s your turn!